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The Last Astronaut

Autor David Wellington
VydavatelLittle, Brown Book Group
Rok vydání2019
Počet stran384

3-5 dní

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'An edge-of-your-seat tale of first contact'
Gareth L. Powell

'A terrifying tour de force . . . Gripping authenticity and an uncompromising white-knuckled pace' James Rollins

A huge alien object has entered the solar system and is now poised above the Earth. It has made no attempt to communicate.

Out of time and options, NASA turns to its last living astronaut - Commander Sally Jansen, who must lead a team of raw recruits on a mission to make First Contact.

But as the object reveals its secrets, Jansen and her crew find themselves in a desperate struggle for survival - against the cold vacuum of space, and something far, far worse . . .

'Great action, knockout characters, scarily believable science' Rob Boffard

'Timely and terrifying, The Last Astronaut propels us deep into the mysteries of space . . . breathless, compulsive reading' Christopher Golden


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The Last Astronaut

The Last Astronaut

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