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Present Perfect or Past Simple?

VydavatelRegipio Language Games
Rok vydání2014

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Have worked or worked? Which tense to use? Which is better to express what you really mean?

This game provides an excellent solution to your doubts. It shows the difference between these two tenses. Keywords help you see the differences, understand and practise the correct choice and use of the present perfect and the past simple.

Items: 1 board, 60 cards with verbs, 1 dice, 4 counters, instructions.


“Passion for languages is what we try to implement into young learners at our school. Carefully chosen games are incorporated into every lesson to show the students show much fun learning a language can be. Once I returned from a conference with my bag bulging with REGIPIO games. The children loved them on the spot and I was happy to finally come by interesting games on grammar. The series „Mix of English Tenses” overcomes the students’ reluctance to learn the tenses. Good manufacture and nice graphics are a pleasure to the eye and an additional value which makes lanuage study a nice experience. I highly recommend the REGIPIO products to anyone who wants to transform the learning process into an adventure.”

Creative Language School

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Present Perfect or Past Simple?

Present Perfect or Past Simple?

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