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The World's Most Amazing Places : 1000 Incredible Facts

VydavatelHarperCollins Publishers
Rok vydání2021
Počet stran224

3-4 týdny

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A fun and entertaining book for the whole family this Christmas
Go on a journey of discovery to 100 of the world's most amazing places with this must-have, fun-filled gift book from the team that created the Weird but true! annual.

Featuring colourful hot springs, giant trees and explosive volcanoes, kids will be astounded by the 1000 incredible facts to wow family and friends with.

Jam-packed with bright, colourful photos
From the Galapagos islands to the Serengeti National Park, the Cave of Crystals to Shark Bay
Find out the WHERE? WHAT? and HOW? about each place along the way

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