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English File Fourth Edition Upper Intermediate Multipack B with Student Resource Centre Pack

Autor Clive Oxenden Kate Chomacki Christina Latham-Koeing
VydavatelOxford University Press
Rok vydání2020

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How will English File get your students talking?

Lessons and activities provide the language, motivation and opportunity students need to speak conifidently. Students are gradually introduced to authentic listening and reading.

Students build their confidence with a proven balance of Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Skills Development in every File.

Teachers and students have access to all their English File resources - video, audio and worksheets - in one easy-to-manage place.

  • *NEW and updated texts, topics and listenings, based on feedback from English File teachers.
  • *NEW Teacher's Resource Centre allows you to manage all English File resources and teaching materials in one place online.
  • *NEW Classroom Presentation Tools show the course content on screen, making it easier than ever for teachers to deliver heads-up, engaging lessons.
  • *NEW Online Practice provides learners with extra practice activities for each File and allows them to check their progress.
  • *NEW Video Listening activity integrated in to each even-numbered File. These short films provide support with listening and make class time more dynamic and motivating.
  • *Colloquial English lessons feature video interviews which help students to focus on natural spoken language.
  • *NEW Conversation feature allow students to observe authentic, unscripted conversations in English and learn and practise features of natural conversation to express their own ideas.

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