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In Company 3.0 ESP Supply Chain Management Student's Book

Autor John Allison Jeremy Townend
Typset paperback + audio download
Rok vydání2017
Počet stran60

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In Company 3.0 ESP Supply Chain Management can be used by business professionals working in supply chain-related roles at different levels of seniority. The course uses the same communicative and people-skills focus as In Company 3.0, and can be used flexibly. It comes with a print Student's Book and access to an online Student's Resource Centre.

Key Features

  • * Tailored, relevant content for a range of job specialisations
  • * Short modules, with manageable units, ideal for short courses, for use with In Company 3.0 or other business courses
  • * Extensive opportunities for personalisation, through discussion and framework activities
  • * Checklists with demonstrable learning outcomes to measure learning at a glance
  • * Authentic video content, providing interviews with real business professionals
  • * Downloadable audio and video, which can be accessed at any time

New titles specifically created for Sales, Supply Chain Management, Corporate Finance, Investment and Logistics

In Company 3.0 has extended its portfolio range to include new English for Specific Purposes (ESP) titles.

Whether your specialism is in Sales or Supply Chain  Management, Logistics or Corporate Finance or Investment, our new ESP titles  give you the in-depth content require to train your learners, and use the same  much-loved structure as the In Company series.

The ESP titles are  compact and designed for use in shorter periods of teaching time. They can be used with In Company 3.0, alone or with any other coursebook. Each title is accompanied by a Student or Teacher’s Resource Centre, including a Presentation Kit.

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In Company 3.0 ESP Supply Chain Management Student's Book

In Company 3.0 ESP Supply Chain Management Student's Book

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