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Using Social Media + Audio CD

Autor Louise Pile
Typset paperback + CD
VydavatelErnst Klett Sprachen GmbH
Rok vydání2017
Počet stran64

2-3 týdny

620 KčNaše cena:

-15% 729 KčPůvodní cena:


Using Social Media helps learners of Business English to develop both the skills and the language required to use the many forms of social media practically and efficiently in the work environment.

The book practises language and skills in the following areas:

• Developing a strategy

• Dealing with risks

• Presenting information

• Communicating online

• Promoting what you do

• Getting and giving feedback

DELTA Business Communication Skills provides students with the skills they need to communicate effectively and confidently in English, in a variety of business contexts. The series adopts a learner-centred and highly practical approach, helping students to develop the key communication and language skills essential for today’s international business environment.

Each title in the series consists of a book and audio CD, designed for students with a pre-intermediate or intermediate level of English. The content and examples are up to date and very relevant to anyone working – or planning to work – internationally. The series can be used either in class or for self-study.

Features of the series include:

• Individual Needs analysis and Learning journal

• Awareness-raising activities

• Extensive personalized exercises

• Tips for effective performance in business

• Helpful suggestions for language study

• Regular language reference and review sections

• Photocopiable resources for further practice

• An integrated audio CD

• Full audio script and answer key


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