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Saturdays at Noon

Autor Rachel Marks
VydavatelPenguin Books Ltd
Rok vydání2020
Počet stran432

3-4 týdny

212 KčNaše cena:

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Emily just wants to keep the world away.

After getting into trouble yet again, she's agreed to attend anger management classes. But she refuses to share her deepest secrets with a room full of strangers.

Jake just wants to keep his family together.

He'll do anything to save his marriage and bond with his six-year-old son, Alfie. But when he's paired with spiky Emily, he wonders whether opening up will do more harm than good.

The two of them couldn't be more different. Yet when Alfie, who never likes strangers, meets Emily, something extraordinary happens.

Could one small boy change everything?


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Saturdays at Noon

Saturdays at Noon

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