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Business Vocabulary Builder + CD

Autor Paul Emmerson
Typset paperback + CD
Rok vydání2009

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A business vocabulary and practice course for students with an Intermediate level of English or above. Specifically designed to help business English students enrich and expand their vocabulary, allowing them to express themselves more fluently and confidently in a professional context.

  • The vocabulary is organised by business topic (first part) and business skill (second part)
  • Instantly accessible, structured information with useful visuals to extend the lexical input
  • An imaginative variety of practice exercises makes the vocabulary easier to digest and remember
  • The topics and skills are covered from a 21st-century perspective, teaching up-to-date language in modern business contexts
  • The accompanying Audio CD provides essential listening practice and extension exercises and features real, international business people from a range of backgrounds
  • Contains answer key and listening scripts - making it ideal for self-study

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