History Year by Year: The Ultimate Visual Guide to the Events that Shaped the World

VydavatelDorling Kindersley Ltd
Rok vydání2024
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Discover the world's most significant events through a detailed, dynamic, book-long timeline of over 7 million years.

When did Hannibal cross the Alps? What caused the War of Jenkins' Ear? Who was Rosa Parks? How did the Arab Spring unfold? Discover history's most decisive moments as and when they happened. Taking a chronological approach, History Year by Year invites you to explore momentous discoveries, ingenious inventions, and important events from around the world in the context of their time. Along the way, you'll meet charismatic leaders, brutal dictators, influential thinkers, and innovative scientists from around the globe.

Follow in the steps of your human ancestors as they colonised the planet, developed tools, harnessed fire, and painted cave walls. Learn how their descendants established great civilisations, founded huge empires, domesticated animals, built pyramids, produced great art, authored epic poems, and even travelled into space. There are wars, rebellions, voyages of adventure and discovery, extraordinary technological developments, and incredible sporting feats.

In this history book, you will find:

-Maps, photography, facts and statistics about the timeline of the world for over 7 million years.

-Chapters with information about the origin of humans, early civilisation, trade and invention, technology and more.

-Detailed descriptions and information on significant moments in history that shaped life.

Accessible to everyone,
History Year by Year's combination of bite-sized information, eye-catching images, crystal-clear maps, and memorable stats will delight history lovers and make an ideal gift for trivia fans wanting facts at their fingertips. If you've ever wondered exactly what happened when - and where it all took place - then this is the book for you.

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