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New Headway Pre-Intermediate Interactive Practice CD-ROM

Autor Liz Soars Jim Soars
VydavatelOxford University Press

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* This interactive CD-ROM has specially written material which provides general language practice to supplement the Student's Book and Workbook. * It is an excellent revision tool. The clear, easy-to-use interface makes it ideal for use in self-access study centres in schools and colleges, or for home study. * It contains 84 interactive tasks linked to the 14 units of the Student's Book. Each unit gives students the opportunity of further practice in four areas: Grammar, Vocabulary, Everyday English and Writing. * Personalisation features allow students to compile their own program of tasks from any unit. They can complete tasks in a flexible order and review them at any stage, giving them the opportunity of tailoring their learning to their specific needs. * Extensive audio, record and playback facilities allow students to practise pronunciation at their own pace and to revisit their recordings within a session. * A grammar reference and a fully interactive Wordlist provide support to the tasks. * Attractive photos and illustrations, together with fun animation, help to maintain student's interest and motivation.

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