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Maturita Solutions Advanced iTools CD-ROM

Autor Paul A. Davies Tim Falla
VydavatelOxford University Press
Rok vydání2010

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Maturita Solutions

Pětidílný kurz určený pro studenty středních škol, kteří se připravují na k maturitě z anglického jazyka.

New digital resources for use with interactive whiteboards.

With Solutions iTools, teachers have exciting new interactive whiteboard-friendly material which brings fresh stimulus to language lessons.

Solutions iTools features content from the Student's Book and other components that has been chosen specifically for its interactive potential in class - the activities and presentations create new ways to engage and motivate students.

Accompanied by a guide on how to use interactive whiteboards effectively, plus built-in teaching notes, Solutions iTools helps teachers use whiteboards with ease and confidence.

*Material selected especially for its interactive potential, and includes all class audio tracks.

*Electronic flashcards assist with preparation for oral exams.

*Alphabet, numbers, and pronunciation chart'pop-ups' available anywhere within Solutions iTools.


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