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Orochi: The Perfect Edition, Vol. 1

Autor Kazuo Umezz
VydavatelViz Media, Subs. of Shogakukan Inc
Rok vydání2022
Počet stran320

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A deluxe edition of Orochi, featuring all nine of the classic interconnected short stories by horror master Kazuo Umezz, the creator of The Drifting Classroom!

A mysterious young woman slithers her way into the lives of unsuspecting people like the legendary multitailed serpent for which she is named-Orochi.

Umezz's classic horror manga opens with "Sisters," in which Orochi affects the lives of two wealthy siblings who couldn't be more alike...or more different. Next, in "Bones," Orochi helps a man come back to life after a terrible accident, but resurrection can be a deadly business...

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