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Success with BEC Preliminary Workbook with Key

Autor Helen Stephenson
VydavatelCengage Learning
Rok vydání2008
Počet stran80

2-3 týdny

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Success with BEC provides a complete preparation for the BEC exams, but is also an ideal focus for in-company training courses and for business people and students wishing to improve their English and job prospects. The course covers the three levels of the exam:

BEC Preliminary

BEC Vantage

BEC Higher


Success with BEC offers:

Complete exam preparation

Each module is divided into:

o       Business Topic lessons which teach vocabulary from BEC topic areas

o       Business Skills lessons which focus on essential communication skills

o       Exam Spotlight lessons which present information about the exam, develop exam skills and provide exam practice


The core lessons all:

o       cover a carefully-designed grammar syllabus with extensive practice

o       introduce modern business issues of the day

o       include exam-type activities and tips for exam success


1.1       World of work

1.2       Personal and professional details

1.3       BEC Preliminary Exam Format; Reading Test Format

2.1       Work in progress

2.2       Making arrangements

2.3       Writing Test Format

3.1       Company biography

3.2       Company performance

3.3       Listening Test Format; Listening Test: Part One

4.1       International business

4.2       Business communications

4.3       Speaking Test Format; Speaking Test: Part One

5.1       Career choices

5.2       Achievements and plans

5.3       Reading Test: Parts One to Three

6.1       Business travel

6.2       Travel arrangements

6.3       Writing Test: Part One

7.1       Products and services

7.2       Orders and contracts

7.3       Listening Test: Parts Two and Three

8.1       Manufacturing processes

8.2       Problems and solutions

8.3       Speaking Test: Parts Two to Four

9.1       The future

9.2       Meetings

9.3       Reading Test: Parts Four and Five

10.1     Career development

10.2     Organising and conference

10.3     Writing Test: Part Two

11.1     Health and safety       

11.2     Reporting accidents

11.3     Listening Test: Part Four

12.1     The job market

12.2     Job applications

12.3     Reading Test: Parts Six and Seven; How to approach the BEC Exam


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Success with BEC Preliminary Workbook with Key

Success with BEC Preliminary Workbook with Key

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