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Rebel Homemaker : Food, Family, Life

Autor Drew Barrymore Pilar Valdes
VydavatelEbury Publishing
Rok vydání2021
Počet stran240

04.11. 2021

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Drew Barrymore has always done things in her own rebellious way - including how she cooks, lives and finds happiness at home. Drew shares recipes, stories and personal photos that show how you too can live a healthy, delicious and joyful life.

Find happiness at home with Drew.

In her first lifestyle book, she'll take you inside her kitchen and her life, featuring thirty-six amazing recipes, from Yuzu Eggs to Brie and Apple Sandwiches to Harissa Spaghetti, which she developed along with chef Pilar Valdes, a personal friend and a regular guest on Drew's CBS talk show.

The book will also feature beautiful photos taken by Drew herself, spotlighting the very personal connection she has to food, wellness, and mental health. She'll also share personal essays and stories about female friendship, single parenting, the importance of self-care and alone time, and how to slow down and share the joy of family and food, both during special occasions and as part of everyday life.


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Rebel Homemaker : Food, Family, Life

Rebel Homemaker : Food, Family, Life

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