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Project Pack

VydavatelOxford University Press
Rok vydání2017

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With 18 fun projects that encourage students to think critically and explore the world around them, Project Pack helps students develop important life skills and supports teachers who need additional classroom material.

Project Pack is a new and exciting learning resource that has been carefully crafted to complement Oxford primary courses.

Featuring 18 task-based projects, the work encourages students to think critically, work together, and explore the world around them. The strong focus on self-assessment allows students to reflect on their progress and develop a positive attitude towards learning.

For teachers, Project Pack is a flexible resource that can be used at any time during the academic year alongside their primary course. It provides a wealth of additional material on a range of topics, which enrich English classes and keep students engaged.

  • * 18 fun task-based projects, each with a correlating poster.
  • * Perfect partner for Oxford primary titles.
  • * Encourages students to think critically and explore the world around them.
  • * Strong focus on self-assessment fosters a positive attitude towards learning.
  • * Flexibility of resource allows it to fit into any teaching timetable.
  • * Covers a wide range of topics that keep students engaged.

This pack includes: Teacher's Resource Book, downloadable audio via an access code, 18 posters

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Project Pack

Project Pack

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