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Maturita Solutions Third Edition Pre-Intermediate Student's Book Czech Edition

Autor Tim Falla Paul A Davies
VydavatelOxford University Press
Rok vydání2017
Počet stran144

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Třetí vydání oxfordského bestselleru mezi výukovými kurzy pro střední školy - se 100% inovovaným obsahem

  •    * A broad range of lesson types focusing on key skills, including vocabulary, grammar, reading, speaking, and writing, all with 100% new content
  •    * NEW listening and word skills lessons in each unit of the Student’s Book help to develop confident communicators
  •    * Exam skills trainer sections in the Student’s Book prepare students for typical school-leaving/Cambridge tasks, and provide them with the language, strategies, and exam skills they need to achieve success
  •    * Extra grammar support, with grammar builder pages in the Student’s Book providing additional practice exercises and grammar reference pages allowing learners to check grammar rules
  •    * Workbooks providing further lesson-by-lesson practice of the material taught in class, with additional listening practice
  •    * Student’s Book and Workbook available in e-book format, with interactive features designed to aid language learning
  •    * DVD-ROM material for every Culture lesson in the Student’s Book reinforces the grammar and vocabulary being taught and presents it in a different, student-appealing context
  •    * Classroom presentation tool shows Student’s Book and Workbook on screen, with embedded answer keys and audio, culture videos to support the Culture Bank lessons, and additional activities to consolidate students’ learning
  •    * Nine units per student book, each with eight lessons

The Solutions approach to teaching and learning English is based on the 'motivate, activate, achieve’ objective.

  • * Interesting and diverse content keeps students fully engaged and motivated
  • * Create inspiring lessons with a wealth of additional resources, including optional lesson openers, culture lessons with DVD clips, and project work
  • * 'I can’ statements and unit reviews encourage students to reflect on their progress, and recognise their achievements
  • * New comprehensive listening syllabus activates every student, whatever their level, and helps to develop confident communicators
  • * Supported approach to speaking and writing build students’ confidence
  • * New word skills lessons encourage students to use new vocabulary
  • * Regular exam practice and preparation activities, as well as specific 'exam skills trainer’ sections in the student’s book, ensure that students are well prepared for their exams
  • * Critical thinking and project work develops skills for the real world
  • * Skills development and recycling new language helps every student succeed

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Maturita Solutions Third Edition Pre-Intermediate Student's Book Czech Edition

Maturita Solutions Third Edition Pre-Intermediate Student's Book Czech Edition

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