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Never Touch a Shark

Autor Rosie Greening
Typboard book
VydavatelMake Believe Ideas
Rok vydání2019
Počet stran12

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You must never touch a shark . . . except in this book! This ocean-themed touch-and-feel book is perfect for young children. They will love reading the funny rhyme that warns of the dangers of touching a shark – and then ignoring the advice! Innovative silicone touches feature throughout the book, with a different texture for children to explore on every spread.

  • The fun silicone touches with different colors and textures on every spread are exciting for little hands to explore!
  • The amusing and enchanting rhyming text will engage both young readers and adults.
  • Each spread features a bright and amusing illustration that will entertain young children.


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Never Touch a Shark

Never Touch a Shark

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