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Young Adult Eli Readers Stage 4 Moby Dick

Autor Herman Melville
Typset paperback + audio download
Počet stran128

3-5 dní

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One of the most widely-read books worldwide. Moby Dick is the saga of Captain Ahab and his continuous pursuit of Moby Dick, the great white whale who maimed him during their last encounter.

In this Reader you will find:

Pre-reading activities | Comprehension Activites | First Certificate Examination Preparation exercises



Ismael, a young sailor, tells this classic American tale of the gigantic white whale and his obsessed hunter, Captain Ahab. Start your journey across the seas in famous whaling town of New Bedford, Massechusetts, and sail to unknown lands on the whaling ship Pequod. Meet Queequeg, the strange cannibal who teaches Ismael what a true friend is; First Mate Starbuck, who shows us the meaning of loyalty and hardwork, and all of the ship’s incredible sailing crew

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