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Oxford Dominoes: Blackbeard

Autor John Escott
VydavatelOxford University Press
Rok vydání2009
Počet stran56

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The year is 1717. It is a bad time to be the captain of a ship in the Caribbean because of pirates. The most frightening pirate on the sea is Edward Teach, or 'Blackbeard'.
'The Governor of Virginia wants us all dead!' Blackbeard thinks. 'But can he kill me - the most famous pirate in the Caribbean? No!'
This is his story...


Four-level graded readers series, perfect for reading practice and language skills development at upper-primary and lower-secondary levels.
A full-colour, entertaining, interactive readers series, that offers students an enjoyable reading experience while building their language skills through integrated language activities, projects, and contextualized grammar work.
Dominoes makes reading motivating and fun for students, while making it easy for you to develop their reading and language skills either in or outside the classroom.

  • Carefully graded, beautifully illustrated stories
  • Integrated activities to develop reading skills and increase active vocabulary
  • Seven pages of grammar activities in every book
  • Two personalized projects in every book


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