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Churchill in His Own Words

Autor Sir Winston S. Churchill
Typpaperback (large size)
VydavatelEbury Press
Rok vydání2012
Počet stran620

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Churchill (1874-1965) was one of the 20th century's most charismatic and controversial figures. He escaped from capture as a prisoner of war in the Boer War, was a Nobel Prize-winning author and twice prime minister. He is best remembered as the astute and powerful orator who inspired a battered Britain to victory and led the post-war, shattered nation to recovery. Richard Langworth, co-chairman and editor of The Churchill Centre, has spent over 20 years researching Churchill's written and spoken words. In Churchill in His Own Words, which is fully authorised by the Churchill Estate, Langworth has edited and annotated this library to make the definitive collection of Churchill's words, thematically arranged. He also highlights the myriad quotations commonly mis-attributed to Churchill. From his meetings with world leaders such as Roosevelt, de Gaulle and Stalin, his verbal engagements with Hitler and the Third Reich, to his wit and oratory on the floor of the Commons, every facet of Churchill's life and times is explored with his own pragmatic intelligence, sharp humour and legendary wisdom. Previously published in hardback as Churchill in His Own Words. This edition fully revised and updated.

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