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Welcome to Our World 2 Second Edition Student´s Book with online practice

Autor Jill Korey O'Sullivan Joan Kang Shin
Typset paperback + Online Practice
VydavatelCengage Learning
Rok vydání2021

June 2021

650 KčNaše cena:

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Teach English through music, motion, and culture with Welcome to Our World Second Edition, a 3-level series for very young learners of English.

Shape young global citizens and celebrate diversity through traditional songs sung by children around the world and global topics with real-world photos, content, and video.

Prepare learners for school with projects, games and activities that practice academic, social-emotional, self-care, and motor skills with integrated values instruction.

Teach confidently and engage parents with step-by-step lesson plans, classroom presentation support, professional development materials, and home-school resources.

With preparation for literacy, numeracy, and phonics, and a focus on real communication in EnglishWelcome to Our World prepares very young learners to use English and join a world that’s waiting for them.

New to This Edition

The following new and updated features of Welcome to Our World, Second Edition are based on extensive research and consultation with teachers and learners from around the world:

  • *UPDATED Global Content in the unit lessons and resources
  • *UPDATED Projects, now integrated into the units
  • *UPDATED Activities and Lesson Heads for easier on-page navigation
  • *NEW Video Support for Vocabulary, Songs, and Language in Use lessons
  • *NEW School Readiness support with activity suggestions
  • *NEW Sounds of English support for phonemic awareness
  • *NEW Mid- and End-of-Unit Reviews with games and activities
  • *NEW Three-Step Teaching Routines for every lesson
  • *NEW Classroom Presentation Tool with integrated resources for easy lesson presentation and teaching
  • *NEW Online Practice with additional games and activities for at-home practice and parents’ engageme

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