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Kid's Box New Generation Level 4 Pupil's Book with eBook

Autor Caroline Nixon Michael Tomlinson
Typset paperback + online access code
VydavatelCambridge University Press
Rok vydání2023

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The Pupil's Book presents and practises a new language through amusing stories, fantastic songs and activities providing an enjoyable and confident start to learning English. The unique access code inside the front cover unlocks the Pupil's Book eBook with audio and video on Cambridge One, making the learning process a joy. The unique access code inside the front cover.

The classic course for a new generation

A generation has learnt English with Kid's Box. Maskman, Marie, Trevor, Monty, the Star family and their friends are back as your loyal classroom assistants, to help give the new generation a happy learning experience, full of affection and humour. The course teachers and learners know and love is instantly recognisable. It's just bigger, brighter and, to put it simply, even better!

Kid's Box New Generation is a 7-level general English course that takes learners through to A2 by the end of level 6. It's also officially validated exam preparation material, with a syllabus that follows the Cambridge English Qualifications for Young Learners.

Sounds and spelling

Led by course characters, sounds and spelling pages and new videos help embed phonics into English lessons. Monty the mouse and Lock the detective focus on the sounds and letter formations that pupils need to practise at each stage of their learning.

Learning about the world

With all new content and documentary videos, CLIL sections bring other subjects into the English classroom, meaning the language is taught in a variety of contexts. Throughout the course, you'll see that activities are mapped to the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework, so while learning about the world, your pupils are working on the skills they need to thrive in it.

Values and responsibility

Children are developing their personalities every day and a big part of this is their sense of responsibility to themselves, others and the world around them. With the course characters to help you (Trevor is a very well-meaning troll), help your pupils learn how to have positive values in all kinds of situations, from looking after the environment to eating good food, to playing fair.

Preparing for exams

Exam preparation is gently woven into the course, to familiarise pupils with exam scenarios in a natural way. New exam folders at the end of the Pupil's Books provide the option of a stronger focus on exam preparation. Levels 1 & 2 prepare for Pre-A1 Starters; Levels 3 & 4 prepare for A1 Movers; Levels 5 & 6 prepare for A2 Flyers.

Fun and laughter

Ultimately, teaching and learning should be enjoyable. Stories of toys that come to life, hapless detectives and an archaeologist's exploration of the ancient world bring fun, laughter and discovery to the experience. There's just something about Trevor's tendency to eat pencils that makes you smile...

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