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Bugs World 2 Activity Book with Student´s App.

Autor Carol Read Ana Soberón Magdalena Kondro
Typset paperback + online access code
Rok vydání2023
Počet stran71

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Bugs World is a highly flexible English language course for pupils in grades 1-2 of primary school.
The colourful world of friendly creatures will fascinate little learners, while teachers will enjoy the satisfaction and experience the joy of teaching English. With Bugs World, lessons will turn into an adventure full of excitement and surprise, during which children will discover the world around them while developing their knowledge and language skills.

Bugs World is:

*likeable characters
*simple and funny stories
*melodius songs and chants
*the exciting world of British culture
*gentle development of reading and writing skills
*all-round development of young learners
*individualised learning

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