Sussed? Inconvenient Truths

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The game that puts to the test who knows you best

Sussed? is a hilarious conversation game that reveals the most interesting things about you... One player reads aloud a question and three possible answers about themselves, and the other players have to suss out how they've answered.

All you need is something to write with, and ... well, that's it!

* A game about your ideas and opinions
* Find out who's got you sussed?
* Spark hilarious conversations
* Liven up meals, journeys, holidays
* Discover astonishing things about friends and family
* Who's got you sussed?

Contains 55 cards, 150 score sheets, 220 questions and 660 answers about players ideas and opinions.

VICES & VIRTUES example questions:

1. Which principle do I value most?
A. 'Live simply'
B. 'Dream big'
C. 'Laugh often'

2. Which happens to me most often?

A. People take my advise
B. People don't take my advise
C. People don't ask for my advise

3. I see someone trip over. My first reaction is probably to...?

A. Laugh
B. Offer to help
C. Pretend I hadn't seen it and walk on

4. Which am I best at?

A. Putting on a fake smile
B. Saying 'I'm okay' when I'm not
C. Changing subjects when I need to

5. Which is more likely to make me moody?

A. Stress
B. Lack of sleep
C. Hunger

6. Which describes me best?
A. I respect authority
B. I resist authority
C. I oppose authority

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