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Men I’ve Loved Before

Autor Adele Parks
Vydavatel HarperCollins Publishers
Rok vydání2023
Počet stran443

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Natalie and Neil everything they could want: a stylish London house, two high-flying careers, a close-knit group of friends and family. And best of all: an ideal marriage. Having children, they’ve agreed, would only disrupt their carefree lives.

But then Neil turns thirty-five, and suddenly he’s longing for a baby. However, Nat has not had a similar change of heart.

As they no longer agree on this fundamental issue, their once perfect relationship starts to crumble. Nat starts to think about her exes and wonders if one of the men she has loved in the past can offer her a future, or by looking over her shoulder is she simply going to trip up?

What if The One was actually the one that got away?

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