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Women in Love

Autor David Herbert Lawrence
Rok vydání2002

2-3 týdny

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"Women in Love" is about "the problem of today, the establishment of a new relation, or the readjustment of the old one, between man and woman."

D. H. Lawrence's masterpiece charts the fluctuations in the relationships of Ursula Brangwen and her sister Gudrun (first introduced in "The Rainbow") with their lovers Rupert Birkin, in many ways a self-portrait, and Gerald, the son of an industrial magnate. Through a series of dramatic scenes--a wedding, a water-party, encounters in flats and restaurants in London, excursions to the countryside around the colliery town of Beldover--Lawrence creates a passionate, lyrical and savagely critical vision of modern society and modern values.

In his intense friendship with Gerald and his marriage to Ursula, Birkin seeks out new kinds of relationships, attempting to transcend the destructive twentieth-century conjunction of love and death and its mechanical, soulless sexuality.

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