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Troll Bridge

Autor Neil Gaiman
VydavatelHeadline Publishing Group
Rok vydání2016
Počet stran64

3-5 dní

339 KčNaše cena:

-15% 399 KčPůvodní cena:


Troll Bridge, a tale from the mind of Sunday Times bestselling writer Neil Gaiman, has been beautifully adapted for the first time by Eisner Award-winning writer/artist Colleen Doran. This striking graphic novel will delight fans of Alan Moore, Dave McKean and beyond.

Young Jack's world is full of ghosts and ghouls, but one monster - a ravenous and hideous troll - haunts him long into manhood. As the beast sups upon a lifetime of Jack's fear and regret, Jack must find the courage within himself to face the fiend once and for all.

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