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Using the Board in the Language Classroom

Autor Jeannine Dobbs
VydavatelCambridge University Press
Rok vydání2001
Počet stran234

3-5 dní

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More than 130 activities as well as tips and suggestions for using the classroom board more effectively and efficiently. The paperback edition provides tips and suggestions to help language teachers use their classroom boards more effectively and efficiently. It provides more than 130 activities for the board to help teachers both teach and assess their students. These activities will also provide opportunities for students, whatever their age or level of competency, to learn and practice specific lexical, phonetic, or grammatical items; attain increased fluency in their writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills; teach and learn from their peers; benefit from visual and kinesthetic learning strategies; practice self-assessment; get to know each other and other cultures better; and have fun during the learning process.

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