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Collided (Dirty Air Series Book 2)

Autor Lauren Asher
Vydavatel Simon & Schuster Ltd
Rok vydání2024
Počet stran384

15.08. 2024

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Sophie: Liam is Formula 1's golden boy – though he's nothing but a fraud. Charming, devious, seductive … and someone who promises to fulfill all my naughty bucket list items.

I force him behind the safe lines of the friend zone, but instead of accepting our friendship, he strikes a deal: one season, one list, one dirty secret.

Liam: Sophie is my greatest fantasy brought to life – and a major threat to my contract renewal. She's a part of the rival team and someone I should resist at all costs. Everyone is against our friendship my boss, her dad… me. Yet, I'm captivated by her and the naughty list she created.

Screw platonic, I want catastrophic.

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