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Throttled (Dirty Air Series Book 1)

Autor Lauren Asher
VydavatelSimon & Schuster Ltd
Rok vydání2024
Počet stran368

3-4 týdny

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Noah: Maya Alatorre is the sister of my teammate… and my new obsession. Keeping my distance during the Formula 1 season should be easy, except I always find ways to see her: press tours, pre-race rituals, sponsor events and black-tie galas. The more time we spend together, the stronger my desire grows.

Sneaking around with her is one thing, but wanting more? Never going to happen. She might be a distraction dressed like a daydream, but no woman is worth risking the championship title over. Or so I thought.

Maya: Noah Slade is Formula 1 royalty and my brother’s biggest rival. When I’m invited to join my sibling while he competes for the World Championship, I promise to avoid Noah at all costs. Twenty-one races, two drivers who hate each other, and one forbidden attraction I can’t ignore.

Developing feelings for Noah wasn’t part of my plan. But then again, neither was anyone finding out. Turns out the man I was warned about happens to be the one I can’t stay away from – even if he breaks my heart once the season comes to an end.

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