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Young Eli Readers Stage 3 Treasure Island

Autor Robert Louis Stevenson
Typset papaerback + online download
Rok vydání2023
Počet stran32

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Stevenson’s masterpiece told to the kids.

Jim lived with his mother at the Admiral Benbow hotel. One night a stranger came out of the storm. Little did Jim imagine that this was the beginning of an exciting adventure filled with pirates and ships and the hunt for treasure on an island far away. As the story goes on Jim develops from an innocent boy into a clever and brave person who can help the adults around him win against the bad pirates.

Vocabulary areas
Weather, Health, The World around us
Grammar and structures
Present simple and continuous;
Past simple regular and irregular;
Verbs + infinitive; Infinitive of purpose
Prepositions off, below, near, next to,
outside, around, across
Be called
I think / know …
You see!
I was right!
Let’s go and …
Come on everyone.
Quick! This way!

Adventure | Courage | Planning and resolving problems

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