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Pippa and Pop 1 Teacher's Book with Digital Pack

Autor Caroline Nixon Lucy Frino
Typset paperback + audio download
VydavatelCambridge University Press
Rok vydání2022

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Peep inside Dan and Kim's family bookshop and discover the marvellous miniature world of their toy mice, Pippa and Pop! This three-level pre-primary English course will stimulate the imagination and foster a love of stories, songs and rhymes, helping very young learners to acquire early life competencies. The course develops early literacy skills, builds the foundations for independence through Learning to Learn activities, underpinned by the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework, and develops early creative, critical and communication skills through guided play. With a gradual introduction to numeracy, letters and sounds, exciting projects, cross-curricular lessons and a focus on values, Pippa and Pop is the perfect start to the adventure of learning English!

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