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Outcomes Third Edition Upper Intermediate Student's Book with Spark platform

Autor Hugh Dellar
Typset paperback + online access code
VydavatelNational Geographic
Rok vydání2023

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Outcomes, Third Edition empowers learners to express themselves by developing their ability to have natural conversations in English. Presented through timely and engaging National Geographic content, learners engage in activities informed by the CEFR can-do statements that prepare them for real world interactions and develop the skills required for life and work.

For successful outcomes beyond the classroom:  

  • *An updated video programme and ‘Fast Speech’ activities help students understand natural speech.
  • *Targeted vocabulary and grammar input provides ‘ready to use’ language that quickly builds confident speakers, with ‘on the go’ practice available on the Spark platform.
  • *New ‘My Outcomes’ end-of-unit reflective tasks guide students to personalize and take ownership of their learning journey.  
  • *Extra support for exam success through new Reading and Listening tasks and scaffolded Writing lessons, with extended practice and assessment in the Spark platform. 
  • *The all-in-one Spark platform brings together digital tools for every stage of teaching and learning, including placing students at the right level, planning and teaching live lessons, assigning practice and assessment, and tracking student and class progress.

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