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English Unlimited Intermediate Self-study Pack

Autor Nick Robinson Maggie Baigent
Typset paperback + DVD-ROM
VydavatelCambridge University Press
Rok vydání2011
Počet stran75

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The new adult English course from Cambridge University Press

English Unlimited is a six-level goals-based course for adults. Centred on purposeful, real-life objectives, it prepares learners to use English independently for global communication. Through universal topics and activities, and a focus on intercultural competence as a 'fifth skill', this international coursebook helps learners become more sensitive, more effective communicators. Teaching natural, dependable language, and with CEF goals at its core, it brings real life into the classroom and gives learners the skills and strategies to communicate confidently outside it. Explore sections provide the extra ingredients for enhancing communicative ability, from further development of speaking skills to independent learning strategies. The e-Portfolio DVD-ROM enables learners to create a 'can-do' record of their work and progress. It also provides reference tools and a vocabulary trainer.


Key Features


    • Universally-appealing topics and activities to inspire learners worldwide make the course ideal for mixed and single nationality groups.

    • The Teacher's Pack with DVD-ROM features extra ideas and activities plus a comprehensive testing and assessment program, extra literacy and handwriting support for non-Roman alphabet users and much more.

    • Explore Writing (in the Coursebook) teaches learners to confidently handle practical, real-life writing tasks, and gives learners a deeper understanding of the writing process.

    • Explore Speaking (in the Coursebook) helps learners to perform better in real conversations through a focus on strategies and 'spoken grammar', based on the Corpus.

    • Authentic audio right from the start, featuring both native and non-native speakers, builds learners' ability to understand the natural English of international speakers.

    • The Coursebook e-Portfolio provides reference tools and vocabulary tests, as well as enabling learners to build a portfolio of their work, creating a real 'can-do' record of their progress.

    • English Unlimited Classware offers an updated form of Whiteboard Software - now even more user-friendly and accessible to teachers without access to whiteboard hardware.


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