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Power Up 1 Pupil's Book

Autor Caroline Nixon Michael Tomlisnon
VydavatelCambridge University Press
Rok vydání2018

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Power Up is a brand new course from the bestselling author team of Caroline Nixon and Michael Tomlinson. It provides the perfect start to life's great adventure, creating 'future ready' learners who embrace life with confidence. Meet vibrant characters who students will love; foster collaboration through real-world missions; deepen learners social and cognitive skills; explore embedded exam preparation; and expand the skill-set ensuring everyone reaches their full potential.

Pupil's Book

Power Up Pupil’s Book is an essential component of the programme. Used in combination with the Activity Book and Home Booklet it is a vehicle for delivering the programme objectives.

Key elements of the Power Up philosophy:

  • *Real-world Missions – multi-stage projects in every unit – that foster collaboration
  • *Cross-curricular content and literature – featuring a variety of literary genres – that deepen children’s cognitive and social skills.
  • *Embedded and clearly sign posted preparation for Cambridge English Qualifications helps take the stress out of exams
  • *Focus on language competency and 21st century skills set ensure every learner reaches their full potential


In the Power Up Pupil’s Book you find:

  • *Nine core units and a Welcome unit with clear learning objectives
  • *Lively activities enhanced with captivating audio and video which you can find on the Class Audio CD and Presentation Plus.
  • *Three Review units
  • *Stickers in Levels 1 and 2

The audio tracks for the listening activities are included on the Class CDs and Presentation Plus. The animations and video documentaries are included in Presentation Plus.

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