Get Talking Cards for Kids: 52 Conversation Activities

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This friendly deck of 52 cards contains open questions and simple exercises to transform the way your child expresses and understands their feelings. The box also includes a pocket-sized booklet with information for caring adults.

Let’s get talking!

Find new ways to connect, share and communicate with your child with the help of this supportive deck of 52 prompt cards. These thought-provoking conversation starters and gentle activities provide a fun and engaging way to spark conversation, encouraging children to talk openly about their feelings and develop their emotional awareness.

Compiled by an experienced child therapist and accompanied by helpful instructions, the colour-coded cards are divided into four categories for easy selection, including feelings, well-being, self-esteem and mindfulness. The open questions and prompts in this deck will inspire children to connect with their feelings and thought patterns and grow their emotional intelligence.

Get Talking Cards for Kids offers an enjoyable way to help improve communication, encourage self-discovery and foster an essential life skill.

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