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Is it Really Too Much to Ask?

Autor Jeremy Clarkson
Rok vydání2014
Počet stran480

2-3 týdny

263 KčNaše cena:

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In a world which simply will not see reason, Jeremy Clarkson buckles up once again and sets off in his ceaseless quest to navigate a path through all the silliness and idiocy. And, every once in a while, he finds something absolutely blooming fantastic along the way. Pithy and provocative, this is Clarkson at his best, taking issue with whatever is the latest nonsense to disrupt his search for brilliance. Why should we be forced to accept stuff that's a bit rubbish? Shouldn't things work? Shouldn't someone care? I mean, is it really too much to ask? It's a good thing Jeremy, without fear or favour, is still doing the asking ...

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