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The How to be British Collection Two

Autor Martyn Alexander Ford Peter Christopher Legon
VydavatelLee Gone Publications
Rok vydání2009
Počet stran64

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Unsure whether our national character still exists? Reassurance is at hand. Following the remarkable success of the first How To Be British Collection, this second book turns the spotlight on yet more of our cultural curiosities – from kings and queens to kilts and custard.

With its celebration of our endearing and enduring oddities, The How To Be British Collection Two will amuse and delight Brit-watchers everywhere..

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The How to be British Collection Two

The How to be British Collection Two

A perennially popular collection of colour cartoon illustrations, with accompanying texts, on the endearing oddities of our British life and character. Drawing on their many years' experience of teaching English as a Foreign Language the authors also offer the wider world a tongue-in-cheek guide on how to get around in English and at the same time make sense of our 'funny ways'. It's a gentle brand of satire, and although there's the occasional barbed arrow for bland food, fashion disasters or dubious standards of hygiene, the tone of The "How To Be British Collection" is more nostalgic than scornful, and the pet-loving, royal-watching, tea drinking characters that populate its pages are viewed with wry affection. Cartoons like "How to be Polite" and "How to Complain" have been reprodu

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