BrainBox Board Game

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The ultimate brain challenge

If you love the BrainBox titles, why not add this new BrainBox board game to your school's resources?

This would make the perfect game to play during wet play or after school clubs.

Players have to answer questions correctly from eight different subject categories including Art and Literature, the Natural World, People and Places and History to collect a full set of cards and be the BrainBox winner.

Special squares include questions for two players to take turns, select any category and answer two questions instead of one and the 'white hot' squares which are double or quits and you may lose all of your cards if you do not answer four questions in four separate categories.

Contents: 160 Cards, 1 Rules book, 1 Sand timer, 1 Die, 4 Pawns


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BrainBox Board Game

BrainBox Board Game

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